What is InSpeed and Why InSpeed May Work For You!

InSpeed is Cloud based SD-WAN platform that provides KTS customers with the ability to confidentially implement Voice and Video Solutions over commodity Internet connections.  Voice, Video and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solutions, and Web services are automatically prioritized and tuned.  Clear voice calls, artifact-free video conferencing and responsive applications.

InSpeed continuously adapts to the demands of changing business needs, by automatically optimizing traffic and without the need for IT departments to constantly tune and tweak their systems.

InSpeed Differentiators

  • Voice First: Purpose built and specifically designed to reduce voice latency, while at the same time reducing all traffic congestion.  Others just attempt to reduce congestion, leading to a “latency overhead”, which causes half-duplex type conversations for voice.
  • Service vs Hardware Only: InSpeed is a service that allows customers to directly connect to the Internet Backbone using a single commodity Internet connection or multiple Internet connections.  Providing simple management & reporting, yet sophisticated prioritization of traffic.
  • Prioritization: Where most SD-WAN solutions only prioritize the freeway “on-ramp” at the customer’s physical location with a hardware device, InSpeed manages the entire freeway to the cloud.  Both directions.  Think metered stoplight, vs managing the entire traffic flow throughout it’s journey.
  • Self Driving: All of the customer’s traffic, not just voice, is managed and prioritized automatically.  The InSpeed premise is that with an ever changing network and user demands, IT administrators cannot keep a typical SD-WAN system tuned, and thus, it is destined to failure.  With InSpeed, our intellegence manages it for you.
  • Bandwidth: Full bandwidth is included in the service and InSpeed has the lowest management overhead in the indusry.

Give us a call (800-397-1201) or send us an email for a free 30 day evaluation and see for yourself!

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