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What is Tipsy Tech?

Tipsy Tech features interviews with tech experts to get to the bottom of essential communication topics, helping business leaders leverage technology and collaboration tools to work smarter. 

Tipsy Tech Playlist

Episode: Hey Mitel Users, Move to RingCentral? Why Not? Why Now?

Episode: Can you run your ENTIRE business phone system through Microsoft Teams?

Mitel formed a relationship with RingCentral MVP in 2021, urging its existing user base to make the leap and migrate to RingCentral, but should they? What is in it for Mitel users? 
Can you really run your entire business phone system from Microsoft Teams without paying for a cloud-based business phone system? Watch to find out.

Episode: Working from Home or Office? Does it really matter?

Episode: Antimicrobial Phone What?

In this episode of Tipsy Tech, the team addresses topics around best practices for using technology to work from home, heading back into the office, how to leverage mobile applications for remote workers, “hop desking,” online presence, and more.
What's harder for the tipsy tech team to do? Pronounce antimicrobial or explain why it matters? Find out in this short 45-second explanation on cool new phone technology that prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading by 99.9%.