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Tackling relevant technology topics and questions with a drink in hand while under the influence of expertise!

Tipsy Tech made its maiden voyage featuring “Tipsy Tech,” – a series of short, lively video discussions around time-relevant technology, communication, and collaboration topics. Brought to you by KTS Networks, Tipsy Tech was created to educate business and IT leaders about evolving and advanced technology and communication topics.

Unlike most industry podcasts and videos, this one comes with a twist. Based roughly on Comedy Central’s Drunk History, Tipsy Tech discusses important tech topics over cocktails and bourbon shots – giving new life to tech topics that might otherwise be considered overly technical or confusing.

Tipsy Tech Playlist

Episode: Tipsy Tech Intro

Recorded June, 2021

Episode: Antimicrobial Phone What?

Recording: June, 2021
Meet Tipsy and Tech as they talk about relevant tech topics, take penalty shots and answer questions with a drink in hand. 
What's harder for the tipsy tech team to do? Pronounce antimicrobial or explain why it matters? Find out in this short 45-second explanation on cool new phone technology that prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading by 99.9%, and see why Tipsy (Howard Clark) decides to lick his phone!

Episode: Working from Home or Office 

Recorded May 2, 2021

Episode: Get the Voice Monkey Off My Back!

Recording: July, 2021
In this episode of Tipsy Tech, the team addresses topics around best practices for using technology to work from home, heading back into the office, how to leverage mobile applications for remote workers, “hop desking,” online presence, and more.
In this episode, Tipsy Tech tackles tough to explain topics like disaster recovery, CoLo data center services, and why they help you get the voice monkey off your back with a drink in hand. Get the skinny on disaster recovery options and how to get dedicated internet for live applications that have to work at top speeds every time you use them.  *Salute* *Toast* #clinkclink

Pour yourself a drink and tune into the KTS Tipsy Tech Video Series 
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How it works?

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Ask Questions; Get Answers

Tipsy, our Phone Therapist loves to take questions. Send your questions in advance. We will  answer them in the next episode, or call our support line directly for answers! 

Penalty Shots

Penalty shots are established at the beginning of each video, setting the pace for the discussion. Penalty shots might include saying an incredibly annoying and overused industry term such as “new normal” or tech or tipsy might be made to drink if they mention a competitor product. 

Have a Drink With Us

Whether you are working from home or winding down from a long day, you can tune-in anytime. Enjoy a drink with us as we teach and share valuable information on using technology and communication to grow your business and better serve your clients.

Meet Tipsy

"Tipsy,” played by VP of Sales, Howard Clark, plays the flamboyant yet knowledgeable technology antagonist of Tech who will make you  laugh while thinking to yourself, ”I always wondered about that.”

Meet Tech

Tech,” played by Jason Eggars, Director of Engineering at KTS Networks, provides technology and how-to’s facts that help business leaders get more out of their IT and communication investment. His easy-to-understand explanations and no-nonsense style have made him the “go-to” resource for many KTS customers.