Manage all of your access points on a single network to streamline the performance


KTS Networks puts a lot of effort into ensuring that your switches are optimized for performance, realizing they are the backbone of every good communication system. We can shape your entire network to assign priority based on your unique needs and business objectives.

In addition to our thorough planning, KTS Networks has the ability to quickly and thoroughly fix any issue you may have with our onsite complete stock of switches and our staff of level-three engineers. Let’s Get Started



A proud partner of Bluesocket wireless, KTS Networks has the ability to help you keep up with the ever-increasing demand on your wireless system. We’ll manage all of your access points on a single network to streamline the performance, ensure those access points are secure with a comprehensive firewall and give you the opportunity for multiple systems so you can offer your customers internet access without disrupting the service your employees need to keep you in business. Discover Wireless

In fact, KTS recently teamed up with the Scott Robinson Automotive Group to enhance their wireless and ensure that wireless contributed to their business objectives in a very concrete way. Car dealerships and service centers have some pretty unique wireless needs. The Wi-Fi solution we implemented for them had to be capable of handling:

  • Employees’ computing needs
  • A BYOD program
  • Guest Services
  • Vehicle diagnostics and repair

It’s a tall order, but KTS was up to the challenge. We teamed up with Bluesocket to create a system of ubiquitous wireless available through 38 separate access points and managed at a central location to keep administration flexible and manageable for the limited IT staff. With the help of KTS, Scott Robinson Automotive Group found a wireless solution that enabled measurable results to their business opportunities.

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