Sea Change in the Corporate Networking

Will your network keep up as your apps move to the cloud?

Enterprise networking is going through a major sea change – the distince corporate LAN and external WAN are being replaced by one that is more of a generic network model.  This first started in the seccurity world due to laptop borne viruses, contractors as predominante ’employee’ model and corporate visitors.  The IT professional collapsed his view of networks to be:

  • the data center – safe and good
  • everything else – untrusted and bad

This resulted in a world where firewalls now had to be intalled at the edge of the data center, as well as in their usual location at the boundary of the WAN.

We are currently in the second phase of change, where again IT professionals have to rethink their networks. However, this time it’s not about untrusted laptops/users entering the corporate network, rather its about putting your business critical applications out in the cloud.  As business leaders look to increase productivity and lower costs by moving applications out of their data center and into the cloud, the Internet has essentially replaced the corporate LAN and WAN as the primary conduit for accessing essential services.

IP telephone, videoconferencing and business productivity applications, such as, aree now commonly delivered as a service, Software as a Service (SaaS, from the cloud:

  • Almost 80% of businesses have moved to VoIP phones in at least one location, up from just 42% six years ago.
  • The global videoconferencing market was $2.4B in 2015 and is expected to reach $3.6B by 2020.
  • By 2020, SaaS will compromise 25% of the total software market.

To find out more, please download our white paper; “Top Four Things to Understand about Changes in Cloud Applications.”

Sea change and what IT professionals need to focus on:

  1. Security: Worry about the logical boundary between trusted and untrusted.
  2. Infrastructure: Worry about the entire path – is service quality maintained end-to-end from the desktop phone to the VoIP server in the cloud?

With the proliferation of SaaS spplications, now more than ever, what’s required is a reliable and high-quality experience from the network.  However, by delivering over a network you don’t own, i.e. the Internet, the traditional model of hard wiring services by configuring and managing each step on the path breaks down.  What’s needed is a sollution that offers both visibility and options to manage your connections as an overlay, or over-the-top service, of the opaque infrastructure below.

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