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Phone Performance

...because the resilience of your phone system rest upon the tools and platforms that aid its performance.

Your System - 100% Managed

At KTS Networks, our Mitel cloud phone systems live in secure Stratus Data Centers that run two identical systems in parallel. In an emergency, our data centers can move your service from one data center to another instantaneously, without any disruptions to your phone system, and video conferencing experience.

Our Data Centers:

-  Provide better overall system performance
-  Greater reliability and protection against downtime
-  Reduce the risk of data loss & gaps in service

Discover why this IT director went with the KTS Data Center to avoid any and all gaps in voice service at multiple locations.

Mark Preletz, IT Director
Scott Robinson Dealership

Phone Performance Tools

While most employees expect their phone service to be “plug and play,” managing a unified communication environment can become complex. Most businesses are operating from a vast portfolio of cloud applications and IT infrastructure that combines the use of off- and on-premises clouds, adding complexities to their integrated communication system's performance. Slow internet performance and incompatible switches and routers are just a few of the issues that bog down the performance of your voice, video conferencing, and other critical communication applications. KTS Networks brings to every engagement phone performance tools that ensure your call quality is always clear, your next conference call is fast, and your phone data is backed-up and available in the case of an emergency.

Switches & WIFI

Businesses are rapidly deploying a wide range of power-intensive, high-capacity connected devices to drive efficiency and improve productivity. Still, they need to consider how these new devices drain both power and bandwidth. KTS switches and high-speed WIFI connectivity provides the cloud speeds and performance you expect from the voice and cloud infrastructure you rely on to communicate internally and with the customers around you.


Voice traffic is far more susceptible to inferior performance in instances of overburdened bandwidth and competing for cloud services. We’ve all experienced calls plagued with everything from dropped calls to slow performing internet service. SD-WAN ensures fast internet performance for designated voice applications and services by allocating a company’s bandwidth, enabling the delivery of high-priority data traffic with greater reliability and consistent performance because the quality of your phone and cloud service impacts your customer service.

Data Center

Data Center services provide customers whose business phone solutions reside on-premises the ability to host their voice infrastructure in a cloud/hosted/collocated environment without having to rent their own racks/colo space, purchase their own hardware or pay for internet services. When you work with KTS Networks, you gain access to a managed collocation environment maintained by KTS, unifying all your communication endpoints and ensuring your data is always backed-up and available to you.


Powerful high-performance ethernet switches offer advanced technology to deliver flawless VoIP, power over ethernet, and gigabit to the desktop. 


Custom-built switches designed to ensure the best VoIP performance. High bandwidth to support bandwidth-intensive applications and advanced Quality of Service features for high-performance VoIP.


High-performance, reliable, and scalable switching solutions that deliver high voice fidelity, faster VoIP deployment, ease of management, and maximum network uptime.


Variety of data security features including Denial of Service protection, MAC-based port security, 802.1x port authentication, multilevel user passwords, Secure Shell, ARP Inspection and Secure Socket Layer for encrypted user login.

We don't provide internet. We use SD WAN to make it Better!

If a company’s bandwidth capacity is strained, data-centric applications, such as email, web browsing, business calls and video conferencing may run slow, drop or even break-out in the middle of a call. Most companies frequently experience jitter and other challenges with their voice applications. When considering a voice solution, you must prioritize the voice and video conferencing applications competing with other applications on the network to ensure high speeds and voice quality. 

This is where SD WAN takes center stage. High-quality voice calls, smooth video conferencing, and responsive applications are now possible over any WAN connection, including commodity broadband Internet, ensuring  that everyone working from home or a small office has a reliable, high quality voice and video experience. Our SD WAN Solution guarantees that cloud based applications work smoothly, even with multiple users sharing a broadband connection.
  • Working on top of your existing network, Maya SD WAN continuously monitors traffic quality, dynamically adjusts to changing network conditions, and manages throughput. 
  • SD WAN prioritizes the more demanding traffic, such as voice and video conferencing, over less real-time packets, ensuring a quality experience at all times.
Why Maya SD WAN Services?
Easy to install, auto-calibrating, and inherently secure, Maya’s SD WAN  introduces a new paradigm in WAN connectivity and Quality of Experience for remote and home offices. After installation, Maya performs its streamlining quality of service silently without human intervention. Maya has cloud-based capabilities that provide high performance, patented Quality of Service (QoS), Reliability, and built-in security over commodity broadband replacing costly private lines. 

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