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In the past few years, many partners have (shall we say) lost their way and have decided to reduce their engineering team in leveraging the CLOUD providers to do THEIR work for them. KTS Networks has not, with 14 certified ShoreTel/Mitel Engineering Team combined with Mitel Trainers, who provide support and training for your entire team (including new hires) along with quarterly workshops to ensure you get the most from your phone system.

We guarantee free consultation on upgrades and best practices around using your business phone system. With over 35 years of experience with over 600 customers = 15K endpoints like the commercial goes, “we’ve seen it all," and we can help you get what you want out of your Mitel/ShoreTel investment. 

We act as your one-stop shop for everything related to your business phone system. While you might not have bought it from us, we help you make it all work.

You will be assisted by a support team entirely comprised of Advanced Certified Engineers who are well versed in all ShoreTel  & Mitel systems.

We offer tech support plans for ShoreTel & Mitel products that include software upgrades and replacement of critical hardware.

Our customers appreciate our prompt personal customer care approach by a 100% U.S. based support team.

Innovative Mitel / ShoreTel Support 

Keeping your business current and prepared for the latest technology is the ideal way to invest in the way you support and serve your customers. Our KTS Assurance program provides you with the best, most up-to-date system capabilities and keeps you in control each step of the way. 

"Munchkin International has in offices in 4 different countries, with our Corporate in Southern California we needed a “local” partner with a “global” reach. KTS Networks as part of MITEL’s Global Account Partnership (GAP) allows us to make ONE call and ONE call, only, regardless of the time zone and have been doing so for over 10 years now."
-- P. Sisante, Director of Global IT & Infastructure

Your system is a software-based platform, which means we keep your system current and relevant and evaluate security breaches.

  • Frequent Cloud & Admin Training 
  • Virtual User Training
  • Free Quarterly Technology Consulting
  • Live, U.S. Based Support

We keep your system in a “manufacture supported” environment, so WHEN you have a service affecting occurrence, we can partner with the manufacture to elicit an immediate remedy.

  • Guided updates
  • KTS Support for any product, including products not sold by KTS Networks, that impacts your communication system.

Mitigate security (and compliance) risks, making it considerably more difficult for security hacks to penetrate and hold your system hostage.

  • Never worry about data with our safe, encrypted cloud backup
  • We provide secure data center and collocated environments providing disaster avoidance and recovery that meet compliance standards

Get the value of your original investment in your business phone solution.

  • Communications’ Analytics – Enhanced usage, tracking, and configuration reports that serve a variety of uses
  • With automatic updates and custom consulting reviews, your system is always performing at its best and increasing your return on investment.

Who is KTS Networks?

Support from KTS Networks

Your success is all that matters to us.

Don’t ever hesitate to engage us for anything phone related as YOUR single point of contact for everything related to your phone system.

We moved to KTS from an other local Mitel partner because of KTS Network's personal service and exceptional customer care. They helped us Migrate to the newer Connect platform, deployed virtual servers while provided us with unlimited training. Now that's hospitality!"
-- J. Marr, Systems Administrator 

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All Star KTS Support 

We think we provide the very best support out there, but don't take our word for it. See what our customer's have to say.

Five Star Bank started our relationship with KTS almost 10 years ago, and have gone from Shoretel to MITEL and will migrate to whatever they will support us on in the future!  Five Star Bank LOVES KTS and won't “break the bank.”
- B. Wait, SVP CIO

Catalina Express has 24x7 demands and requires 24x7 “live Answering” due to our charter and shipping business. Catalina Express moved from another ShoreTel partner to KTS in just in the nick of time. KTS and their support team has put the wind in our sails again!
-J. Montgomery, IT Manager

With the recent COVID Crisis, Southcentral Family Health Centers have relied on KTS like never before to prove immediate support and intelligent insights with regards to our growing and changing needs.
- D. Ravé, IT Manager

As the worlds largest Toyota dealer, we have an extremely high volume of voice traffic and our DEMANDS for good service is critical in maintaining our competitive edge. KTS has proven themselves time and again over the past 10 years.
- J. Flaherty, Director of Information Technology

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With engineers working in every US time zone You're always local to us.

" Located in Morrisville, VERMONT (yes you read it correctly) we were hopelessly ignored by our original partner and went on an exhaustive search for a “local” partner and we found one in CALIFORNIA! Yep, our need for personal touch and heightened MITEL/Shoretel knowledge to support our 500 users and the critical nature of our industry, was found in the land of palm trees....Love our “LOCAL” partner KTS Networks."

-- M. Marshall, VP of Information Technology

"Santa Monica Seafood has a passion for Seafood, As a purveyor of the finest Seafood in the 11 western states, also with local Stores our needs are VERY demanding when it comes to freshness, with over 2,000 “phone in” orders per night, KTS NETWORKS has been our loyal partner for over 9 years.

--  K. Vuong, IT Director

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