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What makes KTS University so valuable to you?

KTS University is the culmination of our commitment to the training process, before, during and after the implementation. We don’t install and configure your Mitel/ShoreTel equipment, then give you a handout or website link and expect you to figure it out. Depending on the needs of your organization, we have two dedicated trainers and we can provide our new KTS-Mitel/ShoreTel clients with:

  • Pre-installation and capabilities overview
  • Class room style, customized training prior to the “cutover” or “go live” date.
  • 1st day(s) of “in service” after the cutover to answer additional questions
  • Follow up 1-on-1 Administrative training with appropriate staff responsible for Mitel/ShoreTel management.
  • Access to on-going quarterly admin training sessions at KTS University located in Los Alamitos, CA.

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Sometimes the best way to learn and make decisions about your technology needs is to simply be present. Check out our list of events and join us.

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We don’t all learn in a classroom. Our video library is designed to help you fast track your ability to use the technology you have. Take a look at our library of learning videos.

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Meet your KTS University Director:

Katherine T. Enna

Director of Training

Katherine has been with KTS networks for 11+ years and Mitel/ShoreTel certified for Connect Onsite, Connect Cloud and Legacy Mitel/ShoreTel 14.2 or below. Her job is to create client training programs for Mitel/ShoreTel IP Solutions. Katherine welcomes the challenge of helping KTS customers stay current with new products while making technology fun and interesting for all end-users, regardless of technical skills and expertise.

Katherine is also responsible for the quarterly newsletter Network News, which serves as the invitation for in-house Mitel Connect and Mitel/ShoreTel 14.2 refresher administrative training sessions for existing and prospective clients. The sales team also uses Katherine as a resource during the sales process to provide clients with product insight. Prior to joining KTS, Katherine was the telecommunications manager for a long time KTS client.

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Still have a quick how to question? You can call our Ask the Trainer line (562) 719-9788 or email Askthetrainer@ktsnetworks.com

(limitations do apply and does not replace contacting support@ktsnetworks.com for our SAC Team (Support Assistance Center). Call the number and you will hear the limitations. Questions are not limited to end-user questions and cover the Mitel/ShoreTel Director, end-user client software, handset, conference bridge and mobility app. Questions are limited to how to and not time sensitive, require troubleshooting, remote access. Basically, if I can answer your question in 15 mins or less please give me a call or send an email.

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