1. Press VOICE MAIL Function Key + enter password (default 1234) > #.
  2. When prompted enter new password > # (numeric values only, do not use sequential or repetitious numbers)
  3. Re-enter new password + # to confirm. (Password can be 4-26 digits – KTS recommends at least 6 digits)
  4. When prompted record first and last name after the tone. (This is used for directory listing confirmation and mailbox identification. Please use handset to record and follow prompts to listen, re-record if necessary and confirm.
  1. Log into voicemail by pressing the VOICE MAIL Function Key + enter password > #
  2. Press option 7 – Mailbox Options
  3. Press 1 to record your Standard greeting or
  4. Press 2 to Set the Call Handling Mode
  5. Listen to prompts and select the mode you wish to record a greeting for: 
     1 – Standard 
     2 – In a Meeting 
     3 – Out of the Office 
     4 – Extend Absence 
     5 – Custom
  6. Press 1 to record + # to end recording – # again to accept or 1 to review or 2 to Re-Record. 
    (Note the active mode will be the last mode you accessed.
  1. From Handset – press VOICE MAIL Function Key > enter password > # then press 1 to LISTEN to MESSAGES + follow prompts to listen to messages.
  2. From Outside The Office Using Direct Dial Number (if assigned) – ‘Call’ assigned phone number + press * # when personal greeting plays + enter extension number + enter password + # + follow prompts to listen to messages (or make other changes).
  3. From Outside the Office using Voicemail Access Number (if available) – Call access phone number + press #, during main greeting + follow prompts (extension number + password + #)
  4. To Check Voicemail from Another Extension – Press VOICE MAIL Function Key, LISTEN. If system asks for a security code, press # + enter extension number + enter password + # and follow prompts. OR follow prompts if system asks to enter your extension number.
  1. Listening to Messages – press option 1 to Listen to Messages + press 1 to Replay; press 2 to Save; press 3 to Delete; press 4 to Forward or press 5 to Reply.
  2. Sending a Message – Press option 2 to Send a Message + record message + # + enter extension number or distribution number + # to send message
  1. Record Greeting
  2. Set Call Handling Mode
  3. Re-assign Extension to Another Shoretel Handset (or if configured to the last known external # i.e. cell phone or home office).
  4. Set or Change Password
  5. Enable/Disable Envelope Information (Timestamp).
  6. Record Name (for directory and mailbox identification)
  7. Listen to Deleted Message (If available).
  8. Remove Deleted Messages (Cannot be recovered)
  9. Additional Options 
    * Cancel


  1. Voicemail – access messages, change greetings, send messages
  2. Options – change ring tone, configure personal settings. Password is required
  3. Directory – list of all internal extensions and/or specific programmed phone numbers
  4. Redial – view last 20 calls including ‘missed’ or hang-up calls. Press once to view or press twice to call last party user called.
  5. Transfer – 4 options to transfer calls, blind, consult, intercom and to another user’s mailbox
  6. Conference – 3 party calls, various options to bring multiple calls together
  7. Intercom – (if enabled) voice announce 2-way communication, defaults to speaker
  8. Hold – calls can be held and retrieved from any handset – (NOTE: this function key is rarely used, auto hold features are built into transfer/conference features and soft keys/call appearance buttons.)
  • Volume Control Key: Adjusts volume control key for RINGER, HANDSET and/or SPEAKER
  • Audio Control Keys: Enables calls to be active on SPEAKER or HANDSET. MUTE can be enabled for privacy. Outside party can be heard, but cannot hear user.


  • PICKUP – answer remote extension
  • MODE – activate call handling ‘greetings’
  • TO VM – forwards call directly to voicemail
  • CANCEL – returns display screen to previous setting or cancels initiated function
  • TRANSF OR CONFRN – completes ‘blind’ connection or unannounced function
  • BACK – removes incorrect entry one digit at a time.
  • INTCOM – used to initiate or complete intercom announcement
  • DIAL – initiates call that ‘rings’ another user
  • UNPARK – retrieves call on remote hold
  • ANSWER – defaults call to speaker
  • PARK – remote hold to another extension
  • CONSLT – allows call to be announced privately (used for transfers & conference calls)
  • DROP – disconnects selected party in conference call
  • MORE – displays more transfer options on display screen
  • OK – confirms or completes function when prompted
  • JOIN – brings two calls together
  • SCROLL KEY – toggle through list functions enabled by SOFT KEYS or FUNCTION KEYS
  • CALL APPEARANCE – inbound/outbound calls
  • AUTO-HOLD – toggle between multiple calls
  • LED COLORS – based on model
  • OTHER FUNCTIONS – programmable for specific features (via ShoreWare Director)
  • To Answer Call – press Soft Key ANSWER(defaults to call on speaker) Or pick up the handset.
  • Send a Call to Voicemail – do not answer call, press Soft Key TO VM
  • Answering Multiple Calls and/or Place on Hold – If on a call (associated Custom Key is solid green), press the Soft Key ANSWER or press next Custom Key(slow flashing green button) to answer second call, first call will automatically be placed on hold, repeat if 3rd call comes in. Based on handset model calls on hold will display fast green flashing or change to flashing orange button. To place single call on hold, press solid green Custom Key or press HOLD Function Key.
  • Blind – answer call + TRANSFER Function Key + enter ‘destination’ number + Soft Key TRANSF to complete. If display screen indicates ‘off-hook’ the call has been transferred successfully.
  • Consultative – answer call+ TRANSFER Function Key + enter extension number + Soft Key CONSLT + announce call + if accepted press Soft Key YES to complete. OR if call is refused, wait and caller will be on line. Do not press Soft Key CANCEL
  • Intercom(if enabled) – answer call + TRANSFER Function Key + enter ‘destination’ number + Soft Key MORE + Soft Key INTCOM + announce call + Soft Key YESto complete or CANCEL.
  • To Another Mailbox – answer call + TRANSFER Function Key + Press MORE Soft Key + enter ‘destination’ number + Soft Key TO MB then hang up.
  • Blind – Call 1st party (internal or ext ernal) + wait for answer + CONFERENCE Function Key + enter internal or external number (9 +1 (XXX) if needed) + Soft Key CONFRN to bring 2 callers together.
  • Consultative – Call 1st party (internal or external) + wait for answer + CONFERENCE Function Key + enter internal or external number (9 +1 (XXX) if needed) + Soft KeyCONSLT or wait + when answered, announce conference call + if allowed press Soft Key YES to complete conference or CANCEL to disconnect 2nd party. 1st party will be on the line, (if resources available repeat).
  • Join – one call is on hold + second call is live + press Soft Key JOIN to bring callers together. (if join soft key is not visible, the feature cannot be performed.
  • Drop – Press SHOW Soft Key + display screen will show each call. Toggle using Scroll Button left of display + Soft Key DROP to disconnect specific number without hanging up other party.
  • Mute – If on active call press button, (will be solid red), caller will not hear your conversation.
  • Volume Control – use Scroll Button left of Mute/Speaker/Handset buttons. 3-way volume control on ringer, speaker and handset. Volume level is indicated on display screen.
  • Making an Outbound Call – press 9 and enter the outside phone number or enter the 3 or 4 digit ext #. Wait or press Soft Key DIAL to initiate the call faster.
  • Park – on active call + Soft Key PARK + enter ‘destination’ number for call + Soft Key PARK again.
  • Unpark – if call appears to be on hold, lift handset to be connected. To retrieve parked call from another handset press Soft Key UNPARK + enter extension number the call is parked at (typically your own) and UNPARK again. If more than one call is listed, select phone number + UNPARK again.
  • Pickup – press Soft Key PICKUP + enter extension number that is ringing + Soft Key PICKUP again.
  • Change Call Handling Mode (CHM) – Soft Key MODE + display screen will change + toggle to desired mode (Standard, In a Meeting, Out of Office, Extended Absence or Custom) + Soft Key OK . Display screen will change again. OR press Soft Key MODE + enter corresponding Mode number 1,2,3,4 or 5 on dial pad + Soft Key OK to confirm. Note there can display differences based on model.
  • Using the Directory Key – press DIRECTORY Function Key + toggle to desired name + Soft Key DIAL. To spell by name, press DIRECTORY Function Key, enter on dial pad corresponding letters of first or last name. (Do not press number more than once, i.e. to enter the letter ‘C’ press # 2 once and then enter the next letter or corresponding number on dial pad).
  • Redial – press REDIAL Function Key and screen will display last 20 numbers ‘TO, FROM, MISSED or M’ and the number, date and time will be displayed.
  • Paging (If Enabled) – enter designated paging extension + wait for tone + make announcement + Soft Key HANG UP. Do not slam phone down on overhead or via handsets.


When a new call comes in, the line will flash, if you are not on a call, just pick-up the handset. The phone will automatically grab the ringing line for you. If you are on another call, just press the flashing line. The phone will automatically place your first caller on hold.
Pick up the handset, press a phone line that is not lit, and dial the number you wish to call. In addition you can dial 9 and the number you wish to call and the phone system will automatically grab the first available phone line to place your call on.
If you need to transfer a caller to another person, just press the CNF/TRN key. This places the caller on hold automatically. You will hear dial tone, dial the extension number, announce the call and hang-up. The call will ring on the Intercom button of the phone you transferred to.

To transfer a caller to someone’s voicemail, press the VM Transfer button, press their extension using the number buttons and press the #. Release Key If you are talking on a headset or using the speakerphone, the Release key will hang-up the line you are on.

To add another party to our conversation (conference), press the CNF/TRN button, the caller you were talking to will be placed on hold and you will hear dial tone. Dial either the extension number of the next party or dial the phone number of the person to add. After they pickup, you can press the CNF/TRN button again to include them into the call. If the party you wished to add is not available, just press the blinking line button to get back to your caller. You may have up to 8 people (including yourself) in a conference call, with a maximum of 6 outside callers.
To program a speed dial on your phone, enter programming mode (press #9876 on your phone). The phone will display “USER PROGRAMMING MODE.” Press the Spdial button, enter a speed dial number (100-119), 9 plus the phone number you wish to dialed (1-213-555-1212 for example), then press the Spdial button one more time to lock it in. To use a programmed speed dial, just press the Spdial button plus the number.
You can use this key to pickup a ringing extension within your designated group. Press the button. The caller will be transferred to you.
To program a one-touch button on your phone, enter programming mode (press #9876 on your phone). The phone will display “USER PROGRAMMING MODE.” Press the OTB button and enter the phone number you wish to dial (9-1-213-555-1212 for example), then press the OTB button one more time to lock it in. To use a programmed one-touch button, just press the OTB button.
Press this button to view the last number that called you. To view the next most recent call, press the down volume. To see the status of the call press the page button. To dial the call displayed, press 9 and the Caller ID button again.
To retrieve a parked call, if the light next to the button on your phone is red, simply press the button to retrieve the call. To retrieve a call parked on another extension, press the Page Pick-up button and key in the extension number (exp. 201).
To program the Call Forward button on your phone, enter programming mode (press #9876 on your phone). The phone will display “USER PROGRAMMING MODE.” Press the Call Forward button, enter the extension to forward all of your calls to, then press the Call Forward button one more time to lock it in. Press this key to forward all calls to the extension you programmed. The red light will be on to remind you that your calls are being forwarded. If the extension you forwarded calls does not answer and the call is forwarded to voice mail, the caller will be in your voice mail box! To turn off call forwarding, simply press the Forward All button again. For external call forwarding, program the button with a 91NNNXXXXXXX# for long distance or 9XXXXXXX# for local calls
Press this button to start recording your conversation to your voicemail box. You can press this button to stop recording and to save the conversation or it will automatically save when you release the call (hang-up). The recording will appear as a new voicemail message.
Press this button to temporarily pause the recording of a phone conversation.
You can use this key to pickup either a ringing extension or a call that was placed on hold on another extension. Press the button and the extension number. The caller will be transferred to you.
Allows you to park a call on an extension or to retrieve a call parked. To park a call, with the caller on the line, press the park button and key in the extension. You will hear a confirmation tone. Hang up the call. To retrieve a parked call, if the light next to the button on your phone is red, simply press the button to retrieve the call. To retrieve a call parked on another extension, press the Park button and key in the extension number (exp. 201).
Press this key and speak into the handset. This will announce over all phones. Please use the Release Button to hang up.


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