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Keeping your business current and prepared for the latest technology is the ideal way to invest in your digital evolution. Mitel Software Assurance provides you with the best, most up-to-date system capabilities and keeps you in control each step of the way.

KTS Networks Software Assurance Helps Your Business Succeed in 5 Ways:

  1. Your system is a software-based platform so keep your system current and relevant and elevate security breaches.
  2. Keep your system in a “manufacture supported” environment so WHEN you have a service affecting occurrence, we can partner with the manufacture to elicit an immediate remedy.
  3. Minimize unforeseen network incompatibilities with getting ahead of Microsoft never-ending up-dates & end of life operating systems.
  4. Mitigate security (and compliance) risks, Lets at least make it more difficult for Security hacks to penetrate and hold your system hostage.
  5. Get the value of your original investment in your UC system, with no built-in obsolescence, and by leveraging a current, relevant platform that will evolve and change so simply put, consider it a complete face lift every year!

We at KTS Networks look forward to continuing to provide you with top of the line support now and in the future.

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