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Wait! Major Considerations When Migrating from Mitel to RingCentral

With Mitel’s new partnership with RingCentralTM, Mitel cloud customers can easily upgrade to a world-class UCaaS cloud solution – RingCentral MVPTM. RingCentral MVP offers advanced messaging, video and telephony in one integrated app, 99.999% reliability, a global footprint, realtime analytics and integrations with your business apps. By moving to RingCentral MVP through Mitel, you can take advantage of a unique migration experience and benefit from:

  • Lucrative limited-time incentives 
  • The ability to replicate your current Mitel cloud configuration on RingCentral MVP
  • Protecting your investment by reusing your current Mitel phones* on RingCentral MVP 
  • Saving migration time by 75% and up to $35K** in potential migration costs

But before you decide to migrate or NOT to migrate, assess the following factors: 

1. Time and Cost

You need to consider penalties for getting out of your current contract, new user subscription pricing, replacing your existing desk phones, migration time, and associated costs. Any migration of a communications system requires the completion of five primary deployment steps:
  1. Information gathering 
  2. Design and provisioning 
  3. Deployment 
  4. Acceptance testing 
  5. Training

Information gathering establishes the existing to-future-state mapping of your communication system. It is critical to ensure the current system behavior is understood so that the new system can be configured properly. This can take days or potentially weeks’ worth of effort to manually consolidate this information.

Mitel provides migrating customers with a Migration Assist Package (MAP). The MAP takes the guesswork out of understanding how to replicate the configuration and behavior of a customer’s current Mitel communications solution. The MAP saves the customer days or potentially weeks’ worth of effort in capturing the information.  

The graphic summarizes the time savings through these phases of migration when moving to a competing system compared to upgrading from Mitel to RingCentral MVP.
The Mitel to RingCentral migration experience delivers time savings of 75% or a factor of 4-time savings compared to the manual migration involved with competing solutions. This time savings, along with associated cost savings from lucrative limited-time Mitel incentives, like waiving early termination fees, can result in savings of up to $35K in potential migration costs. These time and cost savings are simply not possible if migrating to a competing system

2. Ease of Deployment: 

You must minimize any business disruption and ensure a simple and seamless migration process. At no time can you afford system downtime during the migration, nor can you afford to dedicate precious IT resources to spend days and weeks trying to install, configure, and optimize your unique communication system needs.

To ensure your upgrade experience is as smooth as possible, Mitel and RingCentral have made significant investments to enable Mitel customers to upgrade with confidence and peace of mind. Below illustrates the Mitel to RingCentral Migration experience.
Mitel and RingCentral have partnered to deliver a thorough data field and feature mapping from Mitel cloud systems to RingCentral MVP. This partnership ensures the highest level of consistency between your current Mitel cloud system and RingCentral MVP. Migration Assist Packages are provided to all Mitel cloud customers migrating to RingCentral MVP.

Bonus: Keep your Mitel handsets! Mitel 6900 Series phones are certified.

Mitel 6900 Series phones are certified with RingCentral MVP, delivering investment protection for 6900 users. This also means you can take advantage of advanced RingCentral MVP features such as Busy Lamp Field (or BLF), call recording, hot desking, analytics, and many more features.

3. A Future-Proof Solution: 

You need to be confident that the new solution will address gaps in the current system while supporting your future business growth.

Integrated Application 
A single application experience with integrated Messaging, Video, and Phone features. With RingCentral MVP, your team gets the same experience whether they are on a laptop, tablet, or cell phone, plus the ability to switch between them mid-meeting.

Global Scalability
Expanded global reach with calling in 44+ countries and local and toll-free numbers in 110+ countries and 17 supported languages for settings, IVRs, and localized voice prompts, enabling you to scale your business and manage talent globally as needed.

RingCentral offers superior service reliability, having delivered 17 consecutive quarters of 99.999% uptime. This translates to less than 78 seconds of quarterly downtime compared to 99.99%, which is over 13 minutes of quarterly downtime. Superior reliability means you are always connected to your employees and customers. And uncompromised privacy and security provide you with peace of mind.

Gain more control and better management of your system with powerful analytics that lets you access reports on: 
  • Adoption and Usage 
  • Company Numbers 
  • Live Reports 
  • Meetings Dashboard 
  • Quality of Service Analytics 

Take advantage of Mitel’s partnership with RingCentral and upgrade to RingCentral MVP. You have the commitment and support of Mitel and RingCentral for a unique migration experience that will save you time, money and have you up and running quickly.

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