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100% Managed Business Phone System - Why or Why Not?

Challenges with maintaining your own on-premesis phone system:

Companies that want the robust features, security and controls of an on-site phone system will most likely opt for an on-premesis phone system. On-site or on-premesis solutions give internal teams the most rich-set of features combined with the ability to control and rollout updates and set security controls. The challenge is finding the right resource on staff or having the time to manage, maintain and keep abreast of different certification requirements to manage your on-premesis voice system.

New 100% Managed Option by KTS Networks

Now you have a new option. KTS Network engineers will set up, monitor and manage your business communication on-premesis solution from a secure, KTS Networks data center. You don't need to purchase additional equipment like servers and routers, and your system is continuously monitored for security irregularities, and performance around the clock! 

Always Backed-up & Always Secure at a Predictable Price

At KTS Networks, your Mitel on-premesis phone system resides in a secure Stratus Data Centers that runs two identical systems in parallel, so that your data is always backed-up and available in the case of an emergency. Our data centers can move your service from one data center to another instantaneously, without any disruptions to your phone system, and video conferencing experience. 

When is a fully managed phone system right for you?

Here are a few examples of when it might make sense to consider letting KTS manage your phone system.

  • Budget costs need to be predictable while ensuring your business communication system is always accessible and secure from the office or remote locations.
  • You maintain sensitive client data that, if compromised or stolen, would cause serious issues for both the client and your organization.
  • You don't have someone on staff to maintain a sophisticated phone, video, and collaboration system without hiring someone from outside or taking away from a valuable or possibly short-for-time IT resource.
  • You are a larger organization that wants to control rollouts, updates, and security roles but needs a customized, sophisticated phone system that can serve several locations without incurring extra costs.

Phone System Comparison Model

If any of these scenarios resonate, you should consider talking to a KTS representative. We won't try and sell you anything, but we will listen and talk you through your options. Let us know how we can help you.

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