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Top 5 Mitel Connect Feature Time Savers

We’ve got ours. What are yours?

Time. It’s the one thing you can’t extend; you can’t get back, and you can’t change. What you can do is decide how you will use your time, and if you are lucky, you can leverage advanced communication applications and software tools to streamline and reduce your workload with what little time you must apply.

This blog features a shortlist of real time-savers that reduce workload and streamline daily operations.

5-time savers for reducing stress, minimizing noise, and simplifying how you communicate.

1. Teamwork Mobile Application

The Teamwork Mobile App allows your team to stay connected regardless of location or device. Featuring real-time messaging, project-based workspaces, and file sharing, your team has everything they need at their fingertips to work from the office or home.

“The VERY BEST thing about Teamwork is that you can use workspaces as “Group Message Boards.” Our team has cut down on email by 75% using this feature in its place. It’s given us not only time back in our day, but the ability to focus on what we are doing.” – David S., Sr. Channel Manager

2. Video Conferencing Stealth Mode

We’ve all experienced it: dog barks, kids start to ask questions, and the doorbell rings, all while trying to conduct a conference call. This cool feature in MiTeam Meetings allows you to toggle between the mute and unmute button with a simple double click of your space bar. No hunting and clicking for the mute button. This simple toggle feature gives you instant access to what you hear (and don’t hear!)

3. Outlook Integration to MiTeam Meetings 

Spinning up a video conferencing call can be both planned and instantaneous. The MiTeam Meeting App is located right in your Outlook application, making it easy to click and add to any meeting on demand. Streamlined meetings that are ready to go on a click.

4. Business Text Messaging 

Calls go to voicemail, and emails go unread, but everyone checks their phones when they get a text. That is why it is important to have this feature available for responding to and answering client questions. Present a more personal touch to business communication. 

5. Voice Mail Scribe – (#1 Favorite)

Remember the days of having to download voice messages with long introductions about the time and date of each individual message? Listening to voice messages from the prior day could easily be a 20-minute event. Get that time back by having your messages scribed and delivered to your email. MiCloud Connect Scribe provides transcriptions of voicemail messages. The transcribed voicemail messages are sent in an email along with a .wav audio file. Based on your preference, you can now read your voicemail, listen to voicemails, and change that message into a text message.

Interested in streaming the way you communicate internally and with clients?

We won’t try and sell you anything. We fact find and present options. Besides, we only want to work with businesses that want to work with us.

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