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Get that Voice Monkey Off My Back!

If you have a hosted phone system, like a cloud phone system, your voice data flows through a data center somewhere, and while the cloud has transformed the way we work, it can perform slowly. We have all experienced dropped calls and frozen video sessions.

Tipsy Tech tackles this topic and speaks to the advantages of moving live applications, like voice and video to a dedicated virtual server in a data center. You may not have cared about this topic until your phone system goes down or you miss an important video call because you just can't see or hear the person on the other line! Get the voice monkey off your back and learn how to solve that problem before it ever occurs.
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Tipsy Tech Q&A:

What is DR?

DR or disaster recovery is the option of placing your phone system, be it cloud or on-premises, into a fail-over Colo facility, where your phone system is always backed up and available to all Mitel phone features such as (on-prem) HQ, Edge Gateway, Mobility Router, and ECC. In this type of environment, you will always have dedicated power and internet, giving you access to your business phone, voice and video in any unforeseen disaster or emergency.

Is this type of Colo service similar to Microsoft Azure or AWS?

Colo infrastructure hosts your applications on a virtual server, sharing its resources with everyone located on that server. Virtual servers host cloud applications at a comfortable price tag that does not include having to purchase, manage and run a multi-million dollar data center facility. So, this option is very attractive and Azure and AWS offer these types of services.

But there is a problem with hosting your voice and video on a public Colo services, like Azure and AWS. Your voice and video are LIVE applications that require DEDICATED internet speeds and connections to work optimally at all times of the day. You can not get dedicated resources for voice and video from a shared, public Colo facility.

Am I still manufacturer compliant if I put my phone system in a public Colo facility?

No, you will not be manufacturer compliant. Public Colo facilities cannot provide the dedicated resources needed to run live application. While data applications can tolerate latency or slow speeds, voice and video require certain thresholds and minimums to deliver clear voice and fast video. When you start getting delays, jitter, or robot voice, you are probably on a public cloud system without dedicated resources to your voice applications.

Why KTS Colo?

At KTS Networks, your Mitel cloud phone system can reside in a secure Stratus Data Center that runs two identical systems in parallel. Our data centers dedicate the right amount of resources to live applications, ensuring you have clear voice quality and fast internet connections to the applications that matter most.

If you want to maintain full control over your phone system, you have the option of hosting in the KTS datacenter with a fully dedicated virtual server gives you instant fail-over and dedicated speeds and feeds. Hybrid and cloud phone systems enjoy the same benefits and gain the expertise of the KTS engineering team who monitors, updates and ensures your phone system is always performing its best. Leverage datacenter technology to get the voice monkey off your back.

The KTS Colo Data Centers:
  • Provides better overall system performance
  • Guarantees greater voice performance and protection against downtime
  • Reduces the risk of data loss & gaps in service

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