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New Phone Technology - Prevents Virus & Bacteria Spread by 99.9%

First-of-its-kind IP Business Phone protected with antimicrobial plastics

But first, a word from the Tipsy Tech team on this new innovative phone technology. Find out why KTS Tipsy feels compelled to lick the phone!

The 6920 & 6930 Mitel IP Phones are made from plastics that are protected with a silver-based treatment from BioCote Limited that inhibits the growth of certain viruses and bacteria on phone surfaces by up to 99.9%*.

This new phone technology is ideal for shared workspace users who demand not only a modern design but also a phone that is flexible and delivers a high-quality communications experience.

The 6920t is designed from the ground up to provide an exceptional HD audio experience with a high quality full-duplex speakerphone and support for both USB & Analog headsets. The 6920t offers an intuitive user experience via its crisp high resolution 3.5” color LCD display and programmable and context-sensitive keys.

About the Phone:

Redesigned Handset 
The phone features a redesigned handset that minimizes crevices and holes that might collect germs, dirt, and grime. The handset’s smooth surfaces and hard-wired cord make for easy cleaning, facilitating a more hygienic device.

Antimicrobial Testing 
The phone’s plastic surfaces are protected by treatment with a compound from BioCote that is shown to inhibit certain virus and bacteria growth on the phone’s surfaces by up to 99.9%.

Key Features:

  • Programmable keys for access to Lines
  • Speed Dials and Telephony functions 
  • Context sensitive soft keys 
  • 4-way navigation key 

Exceptional Audio:

The 6920t provides a rich full-duplex speakerphone that enables clearly discernable handsfree communications in all types of environments. Integrating HD wideband audio codecs, advanced audio processing, the 6920t offers a superior voice experience for crystal clear conversations.

If you would like to learn more about these NextGen phones and the fight against the spread of COVID-19, contact KTS Networks directly.

6920 BioCote Phone Datasheet
6930 BioCote Phone Datasheet

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