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4 Common Business Communications Challenges – And How to Remove Those Barriers with Cloud UC

Are you experiencing rapid business growth with multiple new site locations? Is your IT staff constantly trying to increase bandwidth to accommodate the steady rise in user traffic? Is your IT team struggling to manage multiple phone systems across various locations?

These are all impediments to your business’s growth, and business leaders are continually looking for ways to overcome these challenges.

We have defined 4 common barriers that we have seen as a result of working with hundreds of businesses trying to overcome this challenge:

Common Barrier 1:
My business has multiple locations, each with its own system.
This is one of the most common growing pains of expanding businesses. Over the years each business location created their own way of doing things — unique PBX updates, coding or software modifications unique to the IT staff at a particular location in response to a singular need, or individualized ways of managing issues.

When your field staff have to use outdated communications tools, their ability to efficiently service your company’s clients is negatively impacted. And you hear about it. Thanks to a common interface, UC in the Cloud can help your separate business locations and staff become in-step with business goals or company-wide projects through a unified system that runs in the cloud, managed remotely and accessible from any location.

Common Barrier 2:
My business has a shortage of capital for an investment in new communications infrastructure.
Finding the capital to invest in a brand new communications infrastructure is often difficult. Quality communication systems are expensive, usually requiring large up-front investments.
The initial investment costs include more than the actual telephony equipment as well. You’ll have to consider network upgrades, system design and implementation, as well as user and administrator training. Don’t forget that the equipment itself will also require repairs, maintenance, and, eventually, replacement yet again.

A Cloud-based UC does not require capital investment. Instead, this is a monthly fee worked into your organizational costs. All maintenance, operating costs, and ‘repair’ work will be covered by your vendor, significantly cutting your overall costs.

Common Barrier 3:
My IT staff are overloaded with day-to-day management issues and are unable to focus on long-term business goals. Your IT staff are responsible for day-to-day management and maintenance of all communication systems, including voice, video-conferencing, and data systems. All of this management work generally diminishes their capacity to focus on solving big picture problems for your business, as their focus is constantly dragged back to the minutia involved in running a disparate set of communications tools.

By moving your communications system to the Cloud:
  • IT staff will be able to off-load those day-to-day projects
  • Adding new users becomes a rapid, easily scaled process
  • Resolving call quality issues, the reliability of networks, and system redundancy is now in the hands of other experts
  • Your in-house team can spend more time on your company’s IT projects and less time on its IT problems

Common Barrier 4:
My business is unable to scale in-step with our projected growth.
Opening new locations and adding users when working with on-site communications systems requires a lot of legwork. If your business communication system isn’t streamlined to accommodate new, rapid growth, you’ll either fail to grow, or you’ll fail to please new clients or customers, damaging your brand name and reputation.

Unified Communications in the Cloud offers extremely scalable communication systems. New staff can be easily added to the system and quickly be up and running, communicating and collaborating with their team members.

If UC in the Cloud sounds like it may be able to help move your business past common communication barriers, we’d love to talk. Contact our team about developing your unique UC solution.
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