Our Philosophy

…And how we serve you!

Communication is what drives your business forward. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a non-profit, KTS Networks will improve the way your business works with optimized telephony solutions. Our ultimate goal is to create, communicate and connect to help make your business better.

Here’s how we move your business forward!

We give everyone the attention they deserve

Whether you have 20 or 500 telephones, we give all of our clients the attention and training they need to do the best job they can. We want our customers to get excited about their Mitel/ShoreTel solution and how it works to reshape your business.

We take our time to get it right

Our clients tell us that our discovery process is ultimately the most compelling reason they were very happy with our results. It’s not just about being able to plug in a telephone and make it work—it’s about getting to know your business and how the technology can translate into enhancing your productivity. Throughout the entire discovery process including presales, network readiness, telco carrier interaction, cable certification and investigating your current set up with your in-house IT staff, following our proven process will ensure a 100% satisfactory deployment.

We’re delivering on the promise of a system that you understand

At the end of the day, anyone can install a telephone system. Our Mission at KTS Networks is to deliver the promise that you understand everything you need to use your telephone system to the best of its capabilities. Of course, we’re here for any questions or issues you have. However, through FREE training and quarterly seminars at KTS University, we share the knowledge we have that will ultimately lead to your success. Your confidence and expertise at managing your own system is our ultimate goal.

Customers want to build relationships with us

We believe building a long term partnership with our customers is the key to success. We listen, perform and actively look for ways to help you run a successful business. Our long- term customers remain loyal because we are truly interested in their success. We are aware of the newest innovations and are always on the lookout for something that might enhance your system so that when it’s the right fit, you will be the first to know.

Mitel/Shoretel is our space

We live, play and thrive in the U.C. telephony space. As an early adapter of this technology, we know our Mitel/ShoreTel so well that we acquire many customers along the way from IT shops who dabble in business telephones but fall short of being able to maximize the abilities of the ShoreTel system. On a regular basis we gain the confidence of companies looking for a new Mitel/ShoreTel partner that can really help them get the most out of their Mitel/ShoreTel business telephone investment.


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