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We’re all about helping you do your job better!

We believe building a long term partnership with our customers is the key to success. We listen, perform and actively look for ways to help you run a successful business. Our long- term customers remain loyal because we are truly interested in their success.

Ken Teleani
Ken Treleani

Ken started at KTS in 1990 as a partner with a telecommunication background. His job is to create initiatives that employees can execute to continue successful momentum while successfully finding incoming technological trends and insights.

Ken enjoys developing and executing solutions to problems, and having the ability to move the project forward.

Fun fact: Ken loves musicals because they make you feel better every time you leave.

Howard Clark
Howard Clark
Vice President Sales

Howard has been with KTS for 25 years. He started as an independent contractor whose loyalty eventually earned a partnership. Howard was instrumental in KTS Networks’ expansion through acquisition.

Howard enjoys the process of building long-term customer relationships by providing constant value.


Fun fact: Howard enjoys fast cars.

Laura Meaders
Laura Meaders
Vice President Operations

Laura has been with KTS for 24 years but she has been in telephony since the beginning of her career. Her current role with KTS is to oversee installations and customer service, where she enjoys turning customer challenges into positive outcomes.

Jason Eggers
Jason Eggers
Director of Engineering & Support

Jason has been with KTS since 2011.  Jason currently plans and directs all aspects of engineering activities within KTS Installations and Support, as well as ensures all engineering projects are in conformance with KTS’s established policies and procedures.

Fun fact: Jason is a musician who has toured and recorded an album!

Glenn Hansen
Glenn Hansen
Advanced ShoreTel and Network Engineer

Glenn has been with KTS for 20 years and his title is Advanced ShoreTel and Network Engineer. He started in the Air Force serving on a military aircraft “Looking Glass” EC135C working on all types of communication equipment.

After leaving the military Glenn has since worked in the telecommunications industry. One of the things Glenn enjoys about his job is that he learns something new every week and it is never boring.


He likes Bowling, Country Music and Angels Baseball.

Vig Achary
Sr. Telecom Network Engineer

Vig started with KTS in 2004 and his Official title is Sr. Telecom Network Engineer and plays multiple roles: Design Engineer, Install Engineer, Support Engineer and Sales Engineer. He tells us that his job is never boring and always a challenge.

Vig loves astronomy. He told us, “The vastness of the Universe; dark matter, antimatter, parallel universe, all these proves how much we don’t know”.

Joshua Fajardo
Sr. Telecom Network Engineer

Josh has worked with KTS since 2008, his current title is Sr. Telecom Network Engineer. He was first certified on this first PBX in 1994 and has been certified in ShoreTel since 2000.

Katherine T. Enna
Director of Training

Katherine has been with KTS networks 2007. Her job is to create client training programs for Mitel/ShoreTel IP Solutions. The challenge is keeping current with new products while making technology fun and interesting for all end-users, regardless of their technical skills.

Katherine is also responsible for the quarterly newsletter Network News, which serves as the invitation for in-house ShoreTel administrative training sessions for existing and prospective clients. Prior to joining KTS, Katherine was the telecommunications manager for a long time KTS client.


Katherine loves movies, has a degree in set design and enjoys cooking.


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